Business Growth — Stage 3 — Delegation Takes On A New Meaning

  • Moving the organization from a leader-centric to an enterprise-centric one.
  • Creating a manager/supervisor layer within the organization, that provides training and empowers them with decision-making authority.
  • Creating a productive environment by defining clear expectations, supporting the team to reach those expectations, and rewarding them when the expectations are met.
  • Focus first on People, then Process, and finally Profit.

How To Manage The Change

The Rules

  • Make sure every employee understands their positions and roles.
  • Delegate both responsibility and authority to 3–5 capable managers and mentor them with regular meetings.
  • Clarify and strengthen communication with all employees.
  • Differentiate components of Business Development by separating Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service into three distinct teams.
  • Revamp the company’s Business Model to optimize margins, refine revenue groups, and adjust customer segments.
  • Establish a 3-Year Strategic Plan and a 1-Year Operational Plan.

Focus on the People



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Chris Baisch

Chris Baisch

Business Growth Advisor who helps leaders of small to mid-sized businesses overcome their growth challenges.