Business Growth — Stage 6 — Lack of Strategy Will Kill A Business

  • Establish a 3-year budget and a financial system that can handle the needs of a larger company.
  • Ensure Business Development has an integrated system and comprehensive strategy to sustain company growth.
  • Complete Infrastructure Building Blocks.
  • Focus first on People, then Profit, and finally Process.

Engaged Employees Build Successful Companies

The Rules

  • Establish an advanced orientation program that immerses new hires into the culture and processes of the business.
  • Establish a fully integrated 2-year budget and forecast for each department by Revenue Groups.
  • Task Operations teams to lower costs through the identification, acquisition, and implementation of advanced systems and processes.
  • Leaders and managers must demonstrate Core Values daily.

Strategic Orientation

  • Establish a very clear vision for the business.
  • Establish a strong set of core values.
  • Establish a clearly defined corporate culture.
  • Establish a powerful strategic plan that spans the next 2–3, if not even 5 years.



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Chris Baisch

Chris Baisch

Business Growth Advisor who helps leaders of small to mid-sized businesses overcome their growth challenges.