Business Growth — Stage 5 — Strength Comes From Synergy As The Company Matures

  • Create an integrated team of experienced managers.
  • Full integration of the Culture Building Blocks.
  • Work towards attaining efficiencies of scale.
  • Move towards a more proactive way of doing business.
  • Focus first on Profit, then People, and finally Process.

Strive To Get The Company Unified

The Rules

  • Ensure strong managers lead the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service departments and are part of the Management Team.
  • Establish a 1-year, fully integrated budget for each department, by each revenue group.
  • Leadership and the Management Team lead a Business Plan SCRUB every 12 weeks.
  • Revitalize the KPIs throughout the organization.

Leadership Must Be Democratic



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Chris Baisch

Chris Baisch

Business Growth Advisor who helps leaders of small to mid-sized businesses overcome their growth challenges.