Business Growth — Stage 4 — Experienced Managers Need To Manage The Complexity

  • Hiring or training up a professional management team.
  • Creating strong, performance-driven departments that compete between each other.
  • Keeping a pulse on the company’s health by establishing a KPI Flash Sheet.
  • Establishing a shared project management process.
  • Focus first on Process, then Profit, and finally People.

Don’t Just Throw People At The Problem

The Rules

  • Hire or train professional-level managers in every department who are responsible, accountable, proactive, and committed, and who set in place solid department infrastructure and processes.
  • Create strong, performance-driven departments that compete with each other.
  • Set in place an advanced daily, weekly, and monthly KPI Flash Sheet.
  • Make sure Business Development has an effective marketing campaign management system, a repeatable sales process, and a systematic customer care program.
  • Allocate 5–10% of gross revenue to identification, acquisition, and implementation of new systems and processes.

Professional Leadership



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Chris Baisch

Chris Baisch

Business Growth Advisor who helps leaders of small to mid-sized businesses overcome their growth challenges.